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Number of Animals

Package 1 – 1 Animal, Package 2 – 2 Animals, Package 3 – 3 Animals and above

Before you order please email us your image on or upload them in the checkout, as prices vary between £65-£95 depending on the level of work required. Once we have agreed on a price you can come back to this page and place your order uploading further reference images if required. As each hand drawn piece is unique and the level of work required varies between customers, I cannot give a fixed price before seeing the image.

All prints are original and unique and are hand drawn using the finest art grade pencils on quality A4 card stock. Send in a photo of your favourite pet or animal to have them lovingly recreated.

All portraits will be mailed with a mount to prevent damage. Postage is £9.00 per item and includes mounting and insurance to protect the piece. Due to the nature of the artwork, delivery times can vary and I generally create 3 pieces a month. I understand that the mounting can be very personal. That’s why we only provide a mount in a neutral colour to protect the work during carriage.

If you have a commission that is unusual, a very high amount of detail is required or it falls outside the pricing listed here, I can accept orders outside of purchasing them on the site.


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